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Romein-Klein, Rotterdam


Holland’s fastest sprinters 60 - 350 miles (partnership formed 2014 - 2018),

Smashing records, which have stood for 30 years

9 x 1st Feds in first season 2014 beating all time record;

30 x 1st Feds in last three seasons 2016, 2017, 2018;

20 x 1st Combines in last three seasons up to 14,000 birds;

Another Record Breaking season 2018.

Another 10 x 1st Feds, the highlights being: 1st Combine 100 miles 12,900 birds;

1st Combine 120 miles 12,800 birds;

1st Combine 160 miles 6,200 birds; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Combine 14,000 birds;

1st, 2nd, 3rd Combine 290 miles 10,000 birds;


1st, 2nd, 7th NPO Nat Pointoise, 290 miles from 39,000 birds (daughter Starlet. Starlet daughter of QUICKSILVER


Quicksilver. 2 x 1st Combine 5,000+birds, Europe’s leading sprint sire 2016 when daughters won 1st 7,600 birds; 1st 12,000 birds;1st 13,000 birds. G/daughter won 1st 14,000 birds all 2016. In 2018 g/sire to 1st NPO Nat 39,000 birds..

We have SILVER QUEEN one of the last children from QUICKSILVER has not filled eggs since 2016 the only one in the UK

 On the 3rd march 4 Grand Children of QUICK SILVER sold for a total of 6300 eur on PIPA averaged 1575 eur each




SuperSire Bentley. Sire of Champions National Wonder, 1st Nat 6000 birds and 2nd Nat 8000 birds 55 prizes; plus her full sister Super Samantha 37 prizes, plus 1st 9000 birds at 70 miles. Sire won 1st, 7470 birds Dam won 1st 17526 birds. In 2018 two children of Bentley (same way bred as National Wonder and Super Samantha) bred 1st Combine 6200 birds; brother to National Wonder bred new star NL18 Mister Perfect, 2nd Fed, 2nd Combine, 2nd Middle Holland 6,699 birds; 2nd Middle/West Holland 11817 birds; seven days later 2nd Fed, 2nd Combine, 2nd Middle Holland 7831 birds; 2nd Middle /West Holland 14460 birds


 Daughter of QUICKSILVER

Starlet 1st Combine 12,000 birds, following week

1st Combine 13,000 birds as yearling 2015; 1st Combine 6,000 birds 2016  then retired.

 Dam of 1st Nat 2018 from 39.000 birds.

We have a half sister to Starlet


WHITE LIGHTING  we have just got a daughter from her have paired her to son of NATIONAL WONDER


Golden Hen ‘908’ Dam of 10 x 1st Combines up to 13,000 birds.

Dam of Champions Starlet and White Lightning. Dam of ‘908’ won 1st Combine 7,600 birds



Super Kenny won 10 x prizes and was CHAMPION COMBINE ROTTERDAM is father to 15 x 1st with up to 10605 birds

We have KENNY a son from SUPER KENNY


We have 2 children direct from NATIONAL WONDER

2nd NATIONAL 8000 birds and 1 week later 1st NATIONAL 6000 birds also a full sister to Super Samantha 37 prizes, plus 1st 9000 birds


Also have other well bred pigeons from this family ie 2 from Mr Expensive x Full Sister to STARLET  1 from Miss Expensive x Sire of CHAMPION THOR and a half brother to 750 CHAMPION THOR





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